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When Music Called, We Answered

What If We Gave Students Permission NOT to Practice? The Play Week Proposal

What If We Gave Students Permission NOT to Practice? The Play Week Proposal

What if we allowed our weekly music students to plan one week of NOT PRACTICING? 

"Okay, Harley. You've practiced consistently for 6 weeks straight and I'm proud of you. This week, your assignment is to NOT practice. That's right. I'm still going to write down everything I would normally write in your assignment book, but your job is to play music only for fun. Do whatever you want! See you next week."

Umm..if my piano teacher said this to me when I was taking lessons, I wouldn't believe it. But boy, this would have been a fun week! Of course I would still practice piano (I was THAT kind of kid), but psychologically, I would feel like I was still making progress and not losing a week from not practicing.

Introducing, the "Play Week." The "Play Week" is in contradistinction from the typical "Practice Week" where students practice, usually daily, all of the technique, theory, musicianship, and repertoire prescribed from the lesson.

A "Play Week" is one week off from structured practice. Students still must play their instruments, but they can choose what songs and pieces to play for fun. 

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