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Ready to start making good money from your own piano teaching studio? Learn the simple steps that will turn your passion for music into a lucrative side hustle in just a few weeks. No music degree required.

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Keeping students deeply engaged is how to attract more students and expand your business. Professional branding, event hosting, and organization are as important as your creative approach to music education.

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I help ambitious, multi-faceted, diverse musicians of all genres, go from being overwhelmed and frustrated in music theory and musicianship, to honing their music skills with proficiency and confidence to begin teaching, creating, and performing, so that they can create a soul-fulfilling music career and lucrative music-teaching business that is built for longevity. ~Dr. Malia

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What Should I Charge for Music Lessons?? 😳

What Should I Charge for Music Lessons?? 😳

*Music Executives $150-$300K+
Music Tech $80-$150K+
Music Educators $25-$90K (non-admin)

If you're a music educator, those figures feel like a slap in the face. In comparison with all other music industry-related yearly salaries, it is a fact that music educators are the LEAST compensated. I believe that we live in a culture (U.S.A.) in which education, in general, is not respected and valued in terms of compensation. This isn't a controversial statement if you are in education.

For the amount of financial investment into our own musical training, the ROI (return on investment) is most often not there.

In this article, I'm going to tell you what you need to charge for teaching individual music lessons (instrumental, voice, theory, musicianship).

Take a Peek 👀 Behind the Scenes at Music Theory Shop

Take a Peek 👀 Behind the Scenes at Music Theory Shop

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Make $500+ Extra Income Teaching Music Lessons 2-3 Hours A Week (Without a Degree or Credentials)

Make $500+ Extra Income Teaching Music Lessons 2-3 Hours A Week (Without a Degree or Credentials)

I started teaching piano lessons in high school. While my friends were working at the mall, I was making a lot more $$ in less time, by teaching. I was barely seventeen years old, and I had a lot of doubts about charging for piano lessons because I was young, and just a piano student myself. I had zero degrees in music, let alone a high school diploma!

If I started teaching lessons with ZERO music degrees and teaching experience, you can, too. We all have to start somewhere.

This article is going to make the argument for how teaching music to beginners will not only bring in more income in a shorter amount of time than your coffee shop job, but that it will help you become a better musician yourself, give you soul-fulfilling purpose, and inspire the next steps of your music career. 

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