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Make $500+ Extra Income Teaching Music Lessons 2-3 Hours A Week (Without a Degree or Credentials)

Make $500+ Extra Income Teaching Music Lessons 2-3 Hours A Week (Without a Degree or Credentials)

I started teaching piano lessons in high school. While my friends were working at the mall, I was making a lot more $$ in less time, by teaching. I was barely seventeen years old, and I had a lot of doubts about charging for piano lessons because I was young, and just a piano student myself. I had zero degrees in music, let alone a high school diploma!

If I started teaching lessons with ZERO music degrees and teaching experience, you can, too. We all have to start somewhere.

This article is going to make the argument for how teaching music to beginners will not only bring in more income in a shorter amount of time than your coffee shop job, but that it will help you become a better musician yourself, give you soul-fulfilling purpose, and inspire the next steps of your music career. 

10 Lesson Ideas When Music Students Haven't Practiced 🎵

10 Lesson Ideas When Music Students Haven't Practiced 🎵

If you're a music teacher, you know that students coming unprepared is inevitable. This article is to help us music teachers not lose our minds when this happens, armed with a preplanned lesson that is ready to go.

When students are unprepared for their music lesson, use this as an opportunity to teach a lesson on a musical skill that fulfills student deficiencies due to the overall lack of time in music lessons. After reading this article, you may actually look forward to the days when students are unprepared!

In this article, I'm going to (1) provide 10 topic suggestions (which could also be used for a "play week" lesson); (2) suggest what to say and how to react to the unprepared students; (3) how to communicate effectively with the parent so that we all avoid shaming unprepared students, which is one of the main reasons for quitting music.

2023 Music Teacher Checklist: 23 Tips for Setting Up Your Music Lesson Studio for the New Year

2023 Music Teacher Checklist: 23 Tips for Setting Up Your Music Lesson Studio for the New Year

The new year always attracts new students to begin music lessons. What is working in your music studio? What can be improved, or let go altogether in order to have a bigger impact on your students and grow your business?

In this article, I will address four main categories to set up your music teaching studio for success in 2023: (1) Housekeeping Tasks (updating website, studio policy, rates, etc.); Communication (email list, communicating with students & parents, surveys, etc.); (3) Suggestions for Additions to the Studio (more offerings to increase income and give students what they need); (4) Growing Your Business (social media strategies and ideas to think about moving forward).

The new year is the best time to implement new policies, procedures, and structures into your business. And for some, this is the time to begin a new music teaching business!

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Malia's music theory coaching helped me connect music theory to the practice of songwriting. By learning how to break down my ideas into components and recombine them into complete songs, I completed and released my first solo album earlier this year. Thanks, Malia, for your help in getting to the other side!

Ted Sablay, The Killers, guitar, & singer-songwriter Solo Artist, "You'll Be Back Here Soon"

Malia made theory and music accessible! I hadn't been in a theory class in years, and when I was, I could never grasp the concepts or the why. Malia's class was refreshing, fun, and useful. The knowledge I gained makes me want to incorporate it in any style of music that I play. The materials incorporated were things I wish were available when I studied music. Now I use them for fun to expand my musicality!

Michelle Medina-Ferrone, Freelance Violinist

Build A Thriving Music Lesson Studio

Keeping students deeply engaged is how to attract more students and expand your business. Professional branding, event hosting, and organization are as important as your creative approach to music education. Browse our offerings in the "Digital Downloads" tab to see what resources will allow you to focus on teaching, and less managing.

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Visualize Keyboard Scales & Modes

Visualize Keyboard Scales & Modes $17.99

Testimonials - "visualize keyboard scales & modes"

I have this book and I love this book!!! Love the introduction material. I love the way the book is organized. I use this book with my own students frequently...I further love that all scales and modes are from one starting point.

Dr. Craig Cunningham

I love the layout of this book...For someone like me that is just learning or has been confused by all the different mode names, this book lays them out in an easy to understand fashion. It also provides the musical notation so that you can play and hear the difference to reinforce learning the scales and modes. And it doesn't just give you two or three keys as examples, the author lays out everything for all 30 major/minor keys! I highly recommend this book if you're looking to learn or become more confident with your music fundamentals.

Anita M.

Enjoying this book so far. I love the way things are laid out and explained. This will be very useful for sure.

Anna O.

The product that began music theory shop: music theory staff paper

Love the music learning process

Welcome to Music Theory Shop

We're so happy you're here. Music Theory Shop is a hub of music theory and music-themed resources.

Music teachers: we can help you with done-for-you music resources for your teaching studio or classroom to prep for lessons, lectures, and recitals! Let's work on growing your business.

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Need music theory support? Enroll in 8-week theory intensives with Dr. Malia. Classical training with an inclusive approach to repertoire, style, and music career practicality. Revitalize skills and/or review for a pedagogical approach to add "teaching" to your repertoire and additional income stream.

"I teach aspiring teachers effective and engaging techniques to teach music theory and music literacy, so that our students can keep putting art out into the world. I am so grateful to be able to pass on the Western musical tradition and as always, I am rooting for you!" ~Malia


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