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Music Theory Shop started with one product, Music Theory Staff Paper, that addressed the pain points of learning music. Now, Music Theory Shop offers digital courses and membership so everybody can have access to affordable, encouraging, and exceptional music education. The most fun part is expressing our musical selves to the world, so we have lots of fun music-themed products to make your musical journey even more special. #musicianlifestyle

Music Theory Staff Paperβ„’

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Musical Backpack

Stand out with a unique musical backpack that you can ONLY get from Music Theory Shop! Customizable option.

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Music Lesson Totes

A special music tote ensures your music lesson books are always ready to go! We have pug emojis to make classes even more fun. Check out all of our unique musical-positive bags. 


Musical T-Shirts

"Koala-ty time is making music with friends" couldn't be a sweeter message. This adorable graphic was designed exclusively for Music Theory Shop by Anna Fox. Check out the entire "Koala-ty" line of tees, totes, and pencil bags.


Music Theory is the study of the best language in the world

The musician's answer to the question, "What time is it?"

Featured Product: "It's Time To Practice" Wall Clock. Shop "Wall Decor" to see all of the different options for this must-have music studio/classroom clock.

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How to Speak Music VIP Membership

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πŸ€“ Geeky, Somewhat Esoteric Music Theory Merch

Pitch Class Clock

For any Post-Tonal Theory classroom, office, or studio. 

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Circle of 5ths Mug

Drink up your key signatures.

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Schenkerian Men's Tee

You get it or you don't and that's okay.

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Counterpoint Mug

Learning counterpoint is yummy.

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How to Speak Music VIP Membership $27

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5 Best Podcasts for Musicians

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YouTube Channel - Music Theory Lessons & Notation

Get started learning how to read and write notes on the treble and bass clef in 4 episodes.

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