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Music Teachers Aren't Charging Enough

I've read dozens and dozens of Music Teacher Studio Policies, and the majority of educators are undercharging their services for private lessons, resulting in leaving money on the table, and, creating serious implications for music education as a whole.

Many of you know that I am an advocate for music educators, and I want us to sit in our worth. If the majority of music teachers are lowering their fees, it devalues all of us.

In any other space, one-on-one individualized services are more expensive. Some music teachers teaching private lessons are charging less than a nail service or haircut (I understand that some may value beauty services higher than education. I do not).

music teachers aren't charging enough - Music Theory Shop

Private one-on-one lessons are the most laborious of services, a trading of time for dollars, and should be compensated as such. There is so much more that goes into running a teaching studio. Surprisingly, the hours of admin is often overlooked when determining pricing.

The truth is, one-on-one lessons should not be accessible to all.

There are now MANY online music learning apps, group and mentorship learning programs for those that have limited funds but want to learn and instrument or voice.

The new business model for experienced music teachers is to SCALE with group programs, self-study digital courses (apps), and upsell add-ons to music lessons like extra theory, ear training, and composition lessons.

I know this because I have similar offerings here at Music Theory Shop, and I teach this strategy in Start Your Own Piano Teaching Studio Today. 

music teachers aren't charging enough - music theory shop

Private lessons are a "white glove" type service that is individualized. We are personal trainers for music. This type of service is not equivalent to a self-study app, or self-study lessons with some mentorship coaching.

So, let's collectively raise our value and charge our worth. Please share this article.

See my pricing guide 👇

FREE GUIDE: What to Charge for Music Lessons

Note: in this article, I'm not addressing how to approach raising your rates, which is a delicate topic and needs a stand alone post.

What are your thoughts and comments? Agree or disagree with my pricing guide? Please leave them below 👇

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