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Music Study PDF - Welcome to Music Theory Shop!

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Thank you for opting in to the Music Theory Shop email list! This is your FREE downloadable music study PDF so that you can get a little taste of the products and services provided here at Music Theory Shop. Whether you are a music student or music educator, you will find helpful tools that make the music learning journey special and engaging. Explore, have fun, and WELCOME!!

PDF Includes:
Study Sheets from "Home Sweet Tonic" (C major and A minor)
Circle of 5ths Worksheet
Scales and Modes One Sheet
Solfege Major and Minor Scale Paths
Monthly Practice Tracker
Duple Simple Rhythms
Quadruple Simple Rhythms
Triple Simple Rhythms
Anatomy of Chords One Sheet
15 Major Scales One Sheet
Coloring Page - Girl with Guitar
Major Keys Sharps and Flats One Sheet
Music Theory Crossword Puzzle
Music Journal Pages from "21-Day Musician Gratitude Journal"
Music Art: "Practice Makes Permanent"
Monthly Music Practice Chart
C Triads and Seventh Chords


  • Music Study Digital Downloads, Printables, Editable CANVA Templates
  • Music Lesson Notebooks & The Piano Lesson Book
  • Music Theory Staff Paper & Coloring Book for Musicians
  • Journals - The Musician Artist Journal
  • Books: Visualize Keyboard Scales & Modes
  • Piano Chord Posters
  • Music Identity Apparel, Totes, Mugs, Fun Stuff
  • Music Jewelry