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Downloadable PDF - The Augmented 6th

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If you are studying advanced music theory beyond diatonic harmony and moving into chromatic harmony, you know how challenging it is to remember every single new harmony.

Here is one-page summary of the "Augmented 6th" chord, a chromatic harmony created by chromatic voice leading (not really a "chord") with a subdominant function that leads to the dominant.ย This infographic/handout/summary includes one standard voicing in both C minor and C major, of all four archetypes: the "Italian Aug 6th," the "French Aug 6th," the "German Aug 6th," and the so-called "Swiss Aug 6th" which is really a German disguised in the major mode. Hmm..let's rephrase that. The "Swiss +6" uses an enharmonic re-spelling of flat-3 "me" to sharp-2 "ri." (Eb is spelled as D# due to the voice leading).

This handout details the best practices in the art of voice leading, for all Augmented 6th archetypes. To illustrate in a musical context, harmonic models in the keys of C minor and C major show how to elegantly connect the Augmented 6th from its approach, to its resolution to the dominant. (tendency tones are #4-fi and b6-le)