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Music Theory Reboot

Music Theory Reboot

Music Theory Reboot $497*

This 6-week music theory intensive course will focus on the fundamentals of music for those that have some music theory experience. We will "reboot" your knowledge of: scales, modes, triads, seventh chords, functional harmony, and using the Circle of 5ths. This course is not for complete beginners. You must have a working knowledge of reading pitches in treble and bass clefs, can play an instrument or sing at a beginning level, and have some musical experience reading beginning-level music. 

  1. Weekly LIVE masterclass lectures with Dr. Malia. 
  2. Graded music theory assignments, online exercises, and quizzes. All materials provided.
  3. Engaged community and network of support. Ask questions, get homework help, build your musical network

Schedule: Thursdays 3:00-5:15 PST

Sep 8, 2022 - Oct 13, 2022 - Music Theory Reboot

Nov 3, 2022 - Dec 8, 2022 - Music Theory Reboot

Additional sessions coming in 2023! There is always limited space in the 6-week intensive courses. 

Apps and Tools

We will be using Zoom, Slack, and Canvas. You will need music staff paper, printer, pencil. You can go paperless with an ipad or tablet device (recommended), and apple pencil or stylus. There will be a large quantity of PDFs. Sibelius or Finale recommended to practice using a music notation program, but MuseScore will do.

What to Expect

Expect to spend 8-10+ hours per week on this course, depending on your personal goals. 6-week intensives are synchronous, which means that meetings are live and pacing for masterclass lectures, assignments, and weekly study is structured.

Asynchronous courses without written assignments generally do not have the same level of student success because they lack community support and accountability - a large part of achieving a goal. As a music theory professor for a decade, my students have only been able to be consistent with accountability. 

Student Access

All students will have access to the course and Slack music theory community for 12 months, well beyond the duration of their 6-week intensive. Former students will be allowed to sit in on any masterclasses from the same course during those 12 months, however, homework assignments will only be accepted during their own 6-week intensives.

Every student has their own personal goals. In each weekly module, there will be lots of bonus lessons and exercises. These are optional, depending on your time commitment and not meant to overwhelm. Rather, the course is designed for students to keep coming back after the 6 weeks and continue working through the content for review to eventually complete all modules.

Getting Started

Prior to course beginning, work your way through the Student Orientation course (this will take 2-5 days) to get started. After that, complete the review module inside the Music Theory Reboot course, if necessary. 

Music Theory Reboot Curriculum

Week 1 - Linear formulas: scales & modes using tetrachords to build. What's the difference? How do I use these materials in practice? Focus on the major mode, lydian & mixolydian modes, major key signatures, and relating these to the Circle of 5ths. Small intervals: seconds (m2, and M2)

Welcome party on the Friday after first masterclass🎉!

Week 2 - Focus on the minor mode, which is a hybrid mode and therefore, a bit more complex. Scales & modes, key signatures, key relationships (relative keys), and related to the Circle of 5ths. Small intervals (m2, M2, A2).

Week 3 - Functional Harmony in the major mode. How to build triads in any of the 15 major keys, labeling system with Roman numerals AND how to properly write chord symbols.

Week 4 - More practice, adding seventh chords

Week 5 - Functional Harmony in the minor mode. Functional Harmony in the minor mode. How to build triads in any of the 15 minor keys, and label those with functional designations (Roman numerals) or chord symbols. Intro to the Nashville Number System.

Week 6 - More practice, adding seventh chords

End of course party on Friday of Week 6🥳!

*Payment plans will be available. Enrollment begins August 18, 2022