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Home Sweet Tonic Workbook
Home Sweet Tonic Workbook

Home Sweet Tonic Workbook

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Music Theory One Sheets Level 1


The workbook to Home Sweet Tonic Study Sheets (blue book)

"Home Sweet Tonic" is a workbook that holds space for deeper study into all 30 major and minor keys, one at a time. Supplement your music lessons or music theory fundamentals courses by studying the following: scale(s), solfege, scale degrees, diatonic chords, key signatures, scales steps on the piano-keyboard, the Circle of 5ths, and hybrid manuscript to take "notes." This book is visually fun and provides all of the information most would need for a college level Music Fundamentals midterm (except rhythm and meter), but when mastered, will give you the foundational knowledge you will use for the rest of your musical career. Use the worksheets in tandem with "Home Sweet Tonic Study Sheets."

Includes major and minor key trackers to monitor progress, as well as a Circle of 5ths exercise to demonstrate mastery. This book is best used with a music teacher who can reinforce knowledge with weekly music lessons on your instrument or in class assignments.

The Western major-minor tonal system is a hierarchical system with the tonic-scale degree one or tonic triad-functioning as the highest ranking member in the system. We often refer to the tonic as "home," or "home base," or "tonal center." The tonic provides the function of grounding, stability, point of repose, resolution, and rest. It balances and resolves the tension and activity from other scale degrees in the diatonic collection. So it is with this sense that the title, "Home Sweet Tonic," is used. The book's theme is a literal sense of "home" and what I imagined to be comfy scenes of a typical musician's home.

Being able to play and work in all keys at once is admirable and certainly the ultimate goal, but the idea with "Home Sweet Tonic" is to avoid "multi-tasking" or "task-switching" when faced with the entire gamut of keys. This book advocates for a focused approach on one key at a time. Slow and steadiness along with consistency will ensure success. The approach is about gently massaging that knowledge into the long term memory so that these materials become working knowledge that is instinctual and can be applied in the serendipitous moments of music-making.

"Home Sweet Tonic Study Sheets" and subsequent workbook volumes, are organized by the Western 30 major and minor keys. There are no theory lessons. I highly recommend studying the essentials of each key in tandem with instrumental and vocal performance. Get all scales into your fingers and be able to sing.

The "homey" feel of "Home Sweet Tonic" is intentional and designed with students in mind. It is meant to convey a light hearted, comfortable approach to music theory and the series looks and feels very different from traditional music theory texts, which can often be intimidating and opaque. "Home Sweet Tonic" is a unique music theory pairing of function and design to impact student accessibility and promote success.

84 pages


Published June 3, 2021

ISBN:Β 979-8514698493

8.5" X 11"

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