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As a Lecturer in Music Theory and Piano at California State University, Channel Islands, my expertise lies in higher education in music. I successfully train students to pass AP Music Theory (I am a Reader (grader) for the College Board AP Music Theory exams), music major entrance exams, and how to navigate all elements of being a music student in college, to reaching career goals in music education or the music industry. From honing practical theory, keyboard, and aural skills, to helping to refine all college applications and planning for college, there are multiple steps applicants must take for success. I also coach potential music grad students and help students through the process of getting into the right graduate program. As a piano and theory instructor and adviser, my students have gone on to schools such as USC, UC Santa Barbara, Duke, and Columbia.

I will help you overcome your fears, discover what's holding you back, give you loads of support and accountability, and provide you all of the actionable strategies you need to get into your schools of choice. I am hyper-realistic about what it takes to reach these goals whether your end game is to make it to the ivy leagues, state schools, private liberal arts colleges, conservatory, music department, or performing arts program. All of this with the humility and radical awareness of what it takes to be a great human being.

Create a life and career that is sustainable and full of joy. Trust me, success begins with yourself, your personal development, your relationships, and how you serve others.

Contact me today to learn more about how my coaching works! You will leave each session feeling more prepared and armed with knowledge about not only how to get to where you're going, but what it's like when you get there. Don't feel overwhelmed about college, I've got you!


Are you preparing for competition, recital, juries, or an audition? I will help you get over your performing fears and refine your repertoire. You will be so excited for your upcoming event.

Music lessons focus on smoothing out technique, correcting errors, phrasing, scales...etc. I will compliment the work you are already doing and take you, as a whole human-musician, to the next level. It's difficult to make changes on your own. You don't have to have a love/hate relationship with music and your emotions filter into your performance. Build and nurture a love/love relationship with music! As you walk on that stage, learn to experience extreme joy and gratitude rather than fear. 

Let's get you going!



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