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Music Theory Digital Courses - "How to Speak Music"

Enrollment begins August 30, 2019


Have you struggled in your music theory classes? Do you have holes in your music knowledge or need a theory refresher? Need more support to get through AP Music Theory?

I hear you. And I'm creating music theory digital courses JUST FOR YOU.

I was playing Rachmaninoff, Chopin Ballades, and Prokofiev piano sonatas in high school, but I didn't get theory. At all. In fact, I ended up taking theory sequences THREE times at THREE different institutions before it finally sunk in. My experience has helped me  understand where the disconnect occurs, how to overcome the intimidating barriers, and why theory is crucial so you can be your best musical self.

Study the same curriculum you would learn at the top music schools but at your own pace and get through the curriculum in weeks, not months. Practice techniques with me in multiple keys. I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know using hand-written notation and delivered through video so you can write right alongside me (with your complimentary copy of Music Theory Staff Paper!).

I will further support you with my MUSIC ANALYSIS MEMBERSHIP group so you can get even better at key ID, form, harmonic progression, phrasing, cadences, reading full score, sight reading. Everything that we do as musicians. Music Theory is where you start before you become a musical artist, media composer for film/tv/games, singer-songwriter, educator, and music producer (yes, producers of all people need theory).

I guarantee you will absolutely transform your level of musicianship by improving your music literacy!

Enrollment begins August 30, 2019. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to keep updated on the launch.